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How to Start Losing Weight When You Feel Completely Overwhelmed


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All of us have a day 1 Report
Its literally the BEST weight loss community
anywhere, I read it everyday, and I'm also so grateful I found
it helped me not only lose weight buy keep it off, hope it helps some others, very effective! highly recommend! for those who want to lose weight and lower sugar level fast. Report
I saved in my favs file so I can read again and again. thanks! Report
Great article! Thanks! Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
good ideas.. thank you Report
I can relate to this article for sure. I need to go back to what I know works and stick to it. Report
yes, find what works for YOU.
I have discovered that any kind of planning and good intentions to work out away from home was more than likely NOT going to happen. I am very busy at home and my schedule just does not allow me to get out any time I want, and my schedule changes often, so I can not commit and schedule something in.
So what is working perfectly for ME, is rebounding. I can do it rain or shine, tired or energetic, sick or healthy, gently or vigorously. I can choose the length of time, I can choose the time of day (or night). I can be weak or strong. Morbidly obese, or healthy.
Rebounding eliminates every possible excuse.
And it is SO fun and easy to commit to. Report
thanks and I shared it with my Son... Report
Thank you Report
All great suggestions. I would add one... join the Beck Diet Solution team to learn why you overeat, and how to change bad habits into good ones. Beck uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy principles to teach you how to reach a healthy weight while learning how to cope with distress without turning to food. If you are an emotional eater, this is a great plan. It takes work... an hour or more each day... but you are worth it! If you have been yo-yo-ing for years, and think you have tried it all, give Beck a chance. Report
Thank you Report
All great idea and while they all might not work for everyone, find the ones that do work for you. What really turned it for me, was accepting that what I did to lose weight was what I'd be doing for life. so I took it slow making small sustainable changes. There was no rush or arbitrary date to lose x lbs....Six years now on maintenance. Report
Doable. Report
Thank you Report

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