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How 6 Movement Patterns Will Help You Work Your Whole Body


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Sorry but I do not agree with the "hinge" exercise. Its a great way to really damage your knees! I owned a strength training center in Austin and worked with many folks, from pro athletes to non athletes wanting to get fit. We never ever allowed or recommended such movements. Way too much strain on knees. Report
Thanks. Report
Great article. Report
Functional fitness! Report
Great Article! Thanks! Report
These are great. Thanks. Report
Some Pre lunge, squat, push/pull ideas would be nice in order to build up to these....Typically not for people just getting started and need beginner, not full on back n knee killers. Report
Good information. Report
When missing a leg(s) how can I balance muscle strength in my hip and gluteus maximum/thigh in the back. I need to strengthen my short side so my natural side doesn't take all the weight, and keep my skeleton equal all over. I am not able to do squats because of the lack of "push" in the artificial knee. At least not standing up. Report
Great info! Thanks for videos. Report
thanks Report
I’d like some weak knee advice also! Report
Thank you for the great article. When I was young, I blew out one knee and the other isn't strong....from all the sports and things I did. I'm now 65 and love mountain biking. I don't mean extreme sport, but nice trails, a few up/down big/small hills and it doesn't bother me. The spin class stationary bike killed me. I could NOT stand and peddle. My knees/legs were not at all strong enough. So, in getting back on track with this article, my first thought was going to squats.... lunges and what ever else I can do to strengthen legs and knees. I do the wall squats with the ball and lunges, I do without any weights. When I bend down too much, it feels like my legs are wrapped in saran wrap. Very tight. So, do you have any other suggestions for those of us with weak knees? Thanks! Report
Great ideas. Thank you for including beginner information Report

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