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How Sleep Deprivation Affects the Brain and Body


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a wee walk helps the sleep Report
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I do not think we give the importance of sleep in of lives enough attention. Report
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Very informative. Thank you for posting. Report
Good article Report
Thank you Report
I've recently had two sleep studies. In both, I got zero minutes of stage 3/4 sleep, and only 12 and 25 minutes of REM total. I "sleep" seven or eight hours a night, but I don't really sleep ever--not meaningful sleep. I am so looking forward to getting a CPAP machine this week. I hope it helps. I am always tired; it is so hard to be nice to people; I dream when I shouldn't; I can't focus; Ive got heart disease and am slightly obese. SLEEP!

People who are able to sleep: Why don't you? I just don't get it. If I could sleep, I would happily get my full eight hours, and wouldn't waste that time trying to squeeze in one more hour of meaningless entertainment before I finally am forced to sleep. No, I would sleep if I could. I just don't get people who act like they are afraid of sleep and cling to the TV as if their lives depended on it. Sleep. Report
I didn't know all of these things. I am going to get something that will actually record how much I sleep. Good article. Report
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It is not healthy to put yourself through "enhanced interrogation techniques" by any other name. There's a reason cops and the military engage in specific tactics such as listening to blasting music, sleep interruption, nutrition deprivation, withholding or giving too much water.

Be kind to yourself, you'll be the better for it. Thanks for the article. Report
Thank you for this very good article. Report

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