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Reasons to Eat Less Added Sugar That Have Nothing to Do With Weight Loss


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Great information. Thanks. Report
Great article! Report
Very informative thanks! Report
Oops, that serious. BTW, I'm loving these new 2020 written articles! AWESOME! THANKS A LOT. Report
I just put some dried cranberries in my unsweetened oatmeal this morning— not thinking hey contained added sugar. Thanks for the tip 👍 Report
Thanks Report
This is an excellent article. I am a diabetic and learned a lot. Thanks Report
I have cut down but still eat some sweets. may need to cut out more. Report
In the last three years I have had no sugars or sweets in my house, no baked goods or candies. Because of this my numbers have "magically" went the other way. Report
Great information. Report
Sugar lights up the brain like cocaine. It's addictive! When heart disease was blamed on "fat", Giant Food Industry added sugars to processed foods, even labeling them as health food. See documentary That Sugar Film, read Gary Taube's book The Case Against Sugar. Be informed! Save your health! Give up added sugars! Report
I've started by cutting out those foods where sugar is the most obvious. This means sweets, desserts, sugary snacks. In my body, sugar equals inflammation. Report
Good information Report
Great tips!!! Report

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