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Don't Neglect Your Body as You Develop Your Mind

Establish Life-Long Habits at a Young Age


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Unfortunately, I could never get it going in college. Exercise was such a TERRIBLE Chore. Gratefully, at nearly 45, I can NOW say I really enjoy it! Report
I must admit this has got to be one of the GREATEST articles I have read on SparkPeople thus far. I wish that this type of information, support and encouragement was made available when I was in high school. If it was perhaps I would not be struggling with issues of being obese as an adult. I was never skinny I have alway been overweight as early as I can remember, but if this type of information, support and encouragement was made available to me I may have had a better chance to make changes as earlier in life weight loss is easier than it is for those of us 40+ All I have to say is KUDOS TO THE WRITER OF THIS ARTICLE. Report
I didn't really gain any weight while I was at school. I live in a rural area where you need to drive to get anywhere, so I wouldn't get a lot of exercise while I was living at home. When I went to university, I walked everywhere. I ended up losing 10 pounds my first year. Report
One of the hardest things for me is knowing how to balance everything: eat, workout, study. It's comforting to know others have the same issues! Practice makes perfect, right? Report
THANK U...i needed this now cuz i just missed my exercise yesterday cuz i was studying for an exam Report
I definitely appreciate, and agree with, this article. I'm in my 3rd year of college and I gained roughly 20 lbs my freshman year, despite walking to class every day. I lost that weight over that summer, but my sophomore year I made a sudden move to a different state and school and ended up gaining over 30 lbs! Not fun at all. Since I've started living a healthy lifestyle this semester I've implemented pretty much all of this tips and I'm seeing a HUGE difference (both in weight loss and in energy and school productivity--somehow it's helped me not procrastinate so much!). So if your in high school or college (or really in any stage of life) I highly highly HIGHLY recommend following these tips. They make all the difference in the world. Report
I find it funny to read this article because I am unlike the people stated in this article. At Purdue University where I went to college, most of my friends lost weight while in college. I believe the people that were researched for this study were from small colleges that didn't have to walk to classes. haha I found that losing weight was easy while in college, I gained my weight back that I lost while in college once I got my first real job. College students also lose weight while there... it's much easier! :) Report
It really is worth it to follow this advice. I'm in my second semester of my freshman year and I maintain my healthy lifestyle by choosing to make time for fitness and good nutrition. It's all about prioritizing. Report
I appreciate this article but let's not foget the school teachers that go through the same thing. I'm on oe them. Since school started this year I haven't been to the gym or the pool and my long prep hours seem to force me to grab whatever food is handy which isn't always the best thing for me. I haven't lost anymore weight since school started but fortunately I am maintaining and not gaining. I can only attribute that to a few of the good habits I have developed here with Spark People. Report
I appreciate this article! I was able to exercise consistently and a lot more over the summer. But now that school has started - YIKES! I'm trying to keep up with it on a more manageable scale, but I really have to make good food and exercise a priority! I really want to fit back into that bikini by December, when I have a trip to Mexico planned! Report
I'm a recent university graduate, and managed to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout a very stressful final year.

However, other people at uni really struggled with their weight, declaring they were on a diet one week but by the following week planning a night of DVDs with a giant bar of chocolate. I was infuriated one week when another third year told a girl from the year below that it was impossible to lose weight and study.

Thank you for publishing this article, so that other students can learn how to eat and study right. Report
Great article. When I went to college in 1967, I got a job at "Mr. Quicks" Hamburger Shop the next semester, while my boyfriend was in Vietnam. I'd never eaten fast food and I was worried about him and I gained 30# in 3 months. I quit the job in May and lost the weight over the summer, but it sure taught me. Report
I really appreciate this article because I have been in university for 5 years now and it really is hard to balance the two aspects of university life (work/play). I really enjoyed this article, Thanks! Report

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