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Finding the Courage to Win

A Lesson about the Strength of Vision


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Wei is more admired than those now protesting about Wall Street...some of those have no clue why they are there. They attend big schools and have everything paid for by their parents or getting grants from those they protest! Report
Thank you for this. We need to hear more stories about heroes like this. I now have to learn more about him. It's sad to think I'd never even heard of him before this article. Report
I pray & thank Our Heavenly Creator has blessed him with his mighty courage & willpower to make a change in order to FREE his country & his people of Oppression! Thank you for this powerful article! Report
I like what REJ7777 wrote.
Articles like this are great contributions to our health and fitness goals.
I ain't on the healthy & fit kick to just be healthy & fit- I have a passion to serve the world through my creative self.
Thank you. Report
Thank you for posting a valuable article that expands beyond exercise and nutrition to purpose and destiny. Good job, Mike! Report
What a courageous man! I'm going to do a WEB search to learn more about him.

I recently heard someone say, "There are no great people, just ordinary people who do great things." This hero of human rights sure accomplished some great things.

Thank you so much for this inspiring blog! Report
What a hero this man is! He was and is willing to put his life on the line to help others to live a better life. If not for people like him, nothing would ever change for any of us. Sure he gave up a portion of his life, but it's not over and he still keeps working...there is much we could learn from his story about never giving up on something, even if it seems hopeless.... Report
I applaud SparkPeople's decision to post this man's story. He looked inside himself to find strength to succeed.

Is that not what we all want to do?

As we go about our daily routine making choices that effect the quality of our lives what better inspiration is there than to read of someone who made very hard choices and won! Report
Thank you! We should all put our woes in context. R. Rich King Report
He was lucky he did not die & I personally feel he was stupid. All of those years of his life gone for what? China is and will remain as it is - what did his life change about the Country, nothing really. I feel sorry for him. Report
I Really found the article very mortivational. It helps me to remember that there are things that I can do as one person that can help affect change in the life of others. Even when I encourage someone else to continue a healthy lifestyle or exercise, this may be the only reinforcement or encouragement that they may be receiving. Many times encourgement is all the motivation that we need to keep going (perserverance).
Thanks so much for the article! Report
Great story about perseverance! Perseverance can be is helpful in ALL ASPECTS of life....INCLUDING WEIGHT LOSS!

Some people don't understand the concept of "symbolic meaning." Sometimes you have to not just read, but think about what you're reading. Life is too short to just take things for face value.
"Dare to Know" ~Immanuel Kant Report
Not all of the articles on SparkPeople have to be related to weight loss. This article is meant to be inspiring, not an anti-China tool. It's meant to give us an example of a man who was willing to stand up for what he believed in, even though he experienced a lot of pain because of it. The point is not to give up. SparkPeople never said whether or not they agreed or disagreed with his opinions, just what his opinions were; therefore, not an anti-China tool. Report
I don't think this article is related to weight loss. This article may have some truth in it, but it did not tell the whole story. Wei, Jingsheng was sentenced 15 years because he was selling confidential military info to UK, and was caught on tape while he was negotiating the price. There are also other things but not related to weight loss, so I don't want to post them here. Sparkpeople, please do not use this site as an Anti-China tool. Report
This wonderful article reminds me yet again that the Spark way of living is not just about our bodies, but also our hearts and spirits. Thank you for such an inspiring story. Report

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