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Finding the Courage to Win

A Lesson about the Strength of Vision


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There is no other than the Lord Jesus within him and the Holy Spirit giving him strengh to conquer so much injustice in this country and the World. What an awesome and inspiring story! If every human being will work and strive like he has been doing, our world would be so much better and hopeful!!!!! Report
What a thought-provoking and inspiring story. Report
Excellent article about vision - The Where of your weight loss journey. What about The Why - is your Why crystal clear... you see, The How To may be an individual choice, but in the end it doesn't matter much - it's all about The Why and The Where. Is your weight loss goal a clear vision or some vague, nascent, conflicting set of goals that you have no emotional attachment with? Empowerment is about having a clear vision of your future. Thank you for a great article. Report
I lived and taught English as a foreign language in China from 1994 to 2001 and wish to say that though there is wide spread poverty and people are still hesitant to speak out against government officials things are improving. Certainly people move from the country side into the cities in search of a better life and often end up worse off because they have no legal residence and end up begging upon the streets. There are still 'professional' beggers who mutilate their own children to make the more pityable and thus may earn more, but in general there is a growing middle class which is well paid and well educated at the government's expense. In general I found the people optmistic, ambitious, and generally happy. Be careful believing what you hear in N. America about China. There are many facits to the story and most positive ones are left out here. Report
Very inspiring story about perserverence. Sad to think there are still think that those types of torture are going on. God bless those who find the courage to stand through it all. Report
Wow! What an amazing and courageous man. His strength is unbelievable. Report
Great article, who ever give up their dream did not really need it bad enough. Those who want it keep on trying until they get it. Report
What a great article!
Sharlene Report
I thought about the times that I overate because I felt extremely stressed. Some of those times were putting myself in the way of criticism or anger as I defended the rights of people with disabilities. But now I see that even "good stress" or stress for a good cause, is not an excuse. This man endured much more. If he could take it, so can I without needing to eat too much! Report
Thank you for reposting this article about courage, strength, and perseverance, all of which require something that few ever achieve, especially to the degree Wei Jingsheng does.

What struck me the most was the level of commitment. Certainly weight management for most is not a life and death struggle, or is it?

For the diabetic, who is 75 lbs or more overweight, or the cardiac patient who needs to make life style changes if they want to enjoy their grandchildren, "Finding the Courage to Win" is closer to home.

- Ralph

P.S. For the record I am a diabetic with cardiac issues Report
I tend to agree with Rana. Dreadful though this story is, I think it is stretching a point too far to liken it to our "struggles" to lose weight. No banana, as the saying goes. Report
Wow, I did not expect that depressing andul story this morning. How terrible. I did not find it motivating or useful in the least. I will keep reading more articles though. Report
Very takes a strong indiviidual to stand so firm in a country that will literally beat you to death for stating your beliefs. Report
Articles like this makes me thankful to live in a country where we have freedom of speech and the freedom of political choice. As others have said before, it puts my problems in perspective. Report
Wow!Makes you think that your problems are nothing and we should be grateful for our freedom and that we choose what we do and so this is motivation for me to get myself in good shape and health Report

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