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Finding the Courage to Win

A Lesson about the Strength of Vision


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Thanks for the article about the "Chinese Mandela". Puts my problems in perspective and reminds me of the capacity of the human spirit.

Carol Report
A great inspiration. Reminded me Randy Alcorn's novel "Going Home" Report
Great motivation! Makes me feel like a coward. Report
I thought this one ran before and sure enough, I commented on it in January. However, I didn't mind at all. This piece is just as inspiring and just as great a read the second time. Thanks, SP. Report
ARGHHH!!! That makes me feel pretty lame about not being able to resist a cupcake!!! Report
Even the Word of God, "The Holy Bible" says, "Without a Vision the People Parish". How powerful is this thought that was brought out by this man. We can see how his belief in what he was doing and vision to accomplish that thing, kept him alive and advanced him forward to complete his mission. Isn't that what it's all about, being driven by our desires and vision to attain our goals? Yes. Wd can do it. Don't ever lose your vision or Hope for the future. Lord revive us again. Report
AYAUSSY -- Isn't the subject at hand always "A Lesson about the Strength of Vision?" Whether the inspiration is drawn from an athlete, a freedom fighter, a cancer survivor, a politician or otherwise, figures of strength, vision, and perserverence are ALWAYS relevant on SP and provide an alternative source of motivation. Thanks SP, for a unique perspective. Report
I've heard this story before and he is one of countless men and women throughout history that have fought, say the good fight of faith, and stood for what they believe in.
Freedom in any sense isn't free, doesn't come free, it has to be fought for to see any change. I just recently watched the story of Martin Luther and what he stood up against. Let us not forget, and let us not be complaciant, all of these inspirational men and women can, what they stood for, can be applied to our getting healthy and sticking to the Sparks program. I just went through a slump and now I am getting over it and getting back on track. I must!!!!!!!!!! Report
Why the political statement today instead of something relating to the subject at hand? Report
I woke up this morning thinking I am feeling to lazy to work out. I don't know why I opened SP so early this morning and read the article. Wow, do I feel silly giving up so easily! I will do what I have to do and not complain. Thanks for sharing this inspirational article. Report
It just goes to show that one person can make a big difference in the world! Report
This was so inspirational. What a courageous man. Report
A fellow member of the Virtual Racing Team just made my month by calling me a "rock" in my determination to complete the first race of the year despite having my training for the race hampered by pain and the side effects of pain medication. But when I read about others in the world and their rock-hard determination, I'm humbled.

Although I already knew this story, I never tire of hearing it again because if SPARKS me each time.

The ability to "Get up and do it again. Amen." daily is an awesome power. (Jackson Browne's lyric in quotes)

Sunny Report
wow, what an article. It makes you think before you complain about exercising or even going to work. Report
This article is so awesome, as I read this piece (peace) I felt compelled to write a comment, it's too powerful and motivating not to. It reminded me of all the great thoughts and ideas that I have inside of me, and that if I stay determined and motiviated to the cause there is nothing that I can't accomplish. And that is whether to take a few classes to become a motivational speaker, or continue my quest to get this weight off to be the best I can be at 46. Thanks again for sharing your words, thoughts and inspiration that continue to help, encourage, motivate me and I'm sure others on a daily basis. Continued Blessings for a Prospersous 2008/ Report

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