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Why Calories Are King

5 Questions with Becky Hand, SparkPeople Dietitian


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Very informative! Thanks for sharing! Report
I count calories as it gives me the option to eat any food type I choose & that in turn means if I eat a wide variety them I'm less likely to miss out on any micronutrients. Plus I'm practicing portion control which will help me long-term when it comes time for maintenance. I do believe we are genetically disposed to eating different foods based on ethnic culture & seasonal availability. However now we move around more & there are lots of people w/ mixed heritage so perhaps some extra weight comes from eating (for example) a Salvadorian breakfast, Thai at lunch & Italian for dinner. Perhaps our body doesn't quite know how to handle it. I like eating simple meals or snacks. That makes tracking easier too. Report
Great info! Thanks! Report
Total and utter nonsense?

Not really, because the body does know the difference between carbs, fat, and protein. Eat too much protein and there will be health issues. No carbs...brain fog sets in. Too much fat and the heart will show it soon enough. It is sad that some folks will continue fighting with ineffective tools. There is a lot of information on the internet; some of it is wrong. Test the facts with a health care professional. Don't trust the internet to be accurate: anyone, anywhere, can post anything on the internet. It doesn't have to be truth; there are few consequences for posting false information on a system where everyone can be anonymous. Again: ask you health care provider.
Interesting article Report
well...I liked it. Report
Good article. Report
Total and utter nonsense.

So where exactly is the body's calorie sensor? A calorie is a calorie right? So how does the body sense and process protein calories? How does it sense and process oil calories? How does it sense and process carb calories.

A calorie is a unit of heat given off when something is burned in the lab. It is a PHYSICS measurement, it has NO MEANING to the body! So a piece of paper has calories (it will burn). How much does it affect your weight if you eat that piece of paper? It has calories, so calories in vs calories out right? The body hasn't a clue how many calories you have eaten. EVER!!! It doesn't "count" calories, so why do you?

Do carbs affect your insulin production? Yes. How about glycemic index? Hmmmm... How much does glucose affect your insulin? How about fructose? Do you even have a clue what fructose is and how the body processes it? Do you know how much fructose you consume every day?

How about long chain carbs? Whaaaaat? What the heck are those? (glucose)

Does fat (oil) affect your insulin production? No.

Does Protein? Yes. Does protein affect your insulin as much as the same weight in carbs? Why does insulin matter? Ask a diabetic. Are you fat? Then you are already a diabetic. Sorry for the bad news.

So 500 calories in sugar is the same as 500 calories of protein as 500 calories of fat? As 500 calories of cardboard?

But a calorie is a calorie right? Calories in vs calories out right?

Listen to this junk at your own risk. Or educate yourself. The information is out there.

If you are fat then you already have insulin resistance, you are already diabetic. Your body has been dealing with TOO MUCH SUGAR for a long time. How do I know this? Because INSULIN takes excess sugar and signals your body to make fat. So if you are fat, you have been eating too much sugar (carbs) for a long time. Diabetes here I am.

You CANNOT LOSE FAT if you have high levels of insulin, if you keep pouring carbs into your stomach. Insulin prevents burning fat when sugar is in the blood... Report
I liked the article and reading the comments of other Sparkers who are doing something Different with sucesss. Displays the range of the spectrum, where everyone has a different path. Report
Good article. Report
great. Report
i think this info needs some updating. especially for the diabetic trackers. Report
Dated and sort of "old school" content if you ask me. I have successfully managed my caloric intake to 60% fats, 20% carbs, 20% protein and in the process lost 40 pounds. In addition total cholesterol has dropped from 304 to 175, triglycerides down from 420 to 98 and HDL is up from 40 to 56. Also am rarely hungry or in need of a "fix" to keep going. Here's the big one - limit calories to three main meals a day. Emerging science is pointing to insulin control as the key to weight control. Eating triggers insulin (most times) so this theory of eating/snacking throughout the day is flawed, especially for folks with fatty liver, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, etc. Summary: three meals a day, limit carbs in favor of healthy fats and exercise regularly. Report
Very informative. Factors of age, hypothyroidism, and beta blockers muddy the waters on trying to figure out just what is what for me. Report

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