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The 10% Solution

You May Not Need to Lose as Much as You Thought


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Seems doable to me. Report
Great article. Applicable to all areas of life. Reminds me of one of my favorite FB pages: Attainable Sustainable. Your goals and life choices must be attainable to be sustainable!

McDougall Plan Co-leader Report
This totally plays into the slow and steady motto. 10% is realistic and doable for most people. Conquer the first ten, then go for the next. Pretty soon you'll be in maintenance mode!!! Report
This seems so doable, but I have a very tough time with losing any weight--but going to try this Report
This seems like something I can accomplish! Here we go! Report
Interesting! Report
Some interesting points to consider. Report
Still working on 80/20/10 I posted previously. Report
80% healthful habits
20% splurge or treats
10% weight loss goal at any time

Sounds like a good plan! Report
Glad I found this today. I was starting to feel overwhelmed. I can do 10%. I know can! Report
I think even I could do the 10% plan Report
Finally, a plan that is possible. Calculate my goal and make it happen. Did not read about a time limit. Even more possible. ❤️😇👍 Report
My 10% would be 19.9 pounds so 20 pounds is my goal by December 25th! I've already lost 3 lbs so I'm on my way! Report
Hey I LOST 5% + .8 lbs. for a total of -10.8 lbs.on the 2018 5% Summer Challenge ,LOSING WT. EVERY WEEK BY TRACKING EVERY FOOD AND ACTIVITY, so, I AM HAPPY! And I think MOST PEOPLE would be HAPPY with a TEN pound LOSS!!! I am only about SIX lbs. to my Final GOAL WEIGHT so, I think it is all how YOU LOOK AT the numbers!!! Report

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