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Cardio Tunes!

Get Your Body Movin'


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Live concerts on DVD are another outlet which I find invigorating for variety's sake. Report
I would never have accomplished what I have on the treadmill if it wasn't for the magical shuffling of my mp3 player through all the great tunes I've loaded up on it! Report
Totally agree with this theory, (but the choice of songs here would have me plugging my ears, lol.) I've made my own CD of songs that work for me and it really does help me stay on the elliptical and not get bored. I've found that George Michael's "Flawless" is just the right tempo to get me moving. Excellent article. Report
Great article. I could "hear" the theme song from ROCKY playing in my head as I read the article. I enjoy listening to Books-on-tape will walking on the treadmill, which I check out at the Library. CD's are also available at the Library, if you don't want to spend a lot. Report

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