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Cardio Tunes!

Get Your Body Movin'


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Music makes me move. Report
Thanks for the tunes! Report taste runs more towards classic '70s-'80s rock (Aerosmith, Van Halen, Styx, Def Leppard, Boston, Kansas, U2.) Believe me, they have PLENTY of heart-pumping beats. Report
Great music Report
I love listening to music when working out! Report
Be active any way you can, every day that you can. Report
Music makes the workout sweeter. Report oldies! Report
Having music makes a boring workout on the recumbent bike a little more interesting. Report
I prefer having music to workout to. Report
A CD player??! A mixtape?!? A music store??? How old is this article???
I felt like I was transported back to high school in the 80's!
While I agree with the concept (I have a couple of different workout playlists IN MY PHONE) this article needs a serious update!
I think I'll start a thread just to track favorite workout songs; I'm sure I won't be the first but I haven't seen one in a while. Report
If I don't have music, I can hardly get myself to move. It really motivates me. Report
I find that itunes has a pretty large selection of free mix podcasts if you like electronic music. I prefer to listen to Paul Oakenfold's weekly podcast, it's usually the right bpm for a brisk walk. Report
Gangnam Style definitely should be on this list. Report
I felt very motivated today. Report

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