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Cardio Tunes!

Get Your Body Movin'


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Some of my favorite workout songs are "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen, "Dancing Queen" by ABBA, "Who Do You Think You Are?" by Spice Girls and "Move Along" by All-American Rejects. Report
I always listened to "I Heart Radio" . But today I looked in the app store and found Fit Radio and I like it! There is every kind of music there, except country! I enjoyed my workout and the time went by faster! It's FREE! They will give you a 15 minute trial before you register just to see if you will like it, but it's still FREE! I put it on my iPhone and will probably install it on my iPad! Report
I downloaded a free album of electronic dance music from Amazon several months ago, and it is about the most perfect blend of high-energy music for me when I walk or workout on the elliptical. Really gets me going! Report
Shape magazine has had free workout music downloads each month this summer. There's about 5 songs ranging from current top 40 to some older stuff and best of all it's free. Not sure if they do this all year long or not. I discovered it in June and have really enjoyed the mixes. :) Report
Sometimes music is the only thing that makes my workout bearable! I couldn't imagine exercising without it! Report
I have a playlist on my phone that I use for exercise. It mostly dance tunes and other fast-paced songs. The built-in media player on my Windows Phone did not have a way to shuffle playlists, so I wrote an app to do that and it works great. Anyone with a Windows Phone can get it free here: Report
I so agree. I could not work out if it was not to music! Report
right now i'm working on my stamina, so i've creatred a playlist of 2min & 3 min songs so i know when to walk & when to run.
I've found some songs (like "here we go again' by OK GO and 'Womanizer' by Brittney Spears are at the *exact* pace i like to run to....even tho it's not really my type of music. I let my guilty pleasures come out on that mix.
Shhhh don't tell :) Report
Great article and I makes a big difference. Report
Quote from Cattails :"When It's Over" would just make me want to lie on the floor and stare at the ceiling.

Cattails, given that it is listed as the last 3:40 minutes of a 30 minute workout, I think that is exactly what it is meant to do.:

I work out to ABBA Gold. The album is just the right beat for me, and the slow songs come just when I want to cool down.

There are likely more current songs out there that are just as good, but this is my 'go to' for workouts. Report
I listen to a lot of songs mixed up on my ipod, including some specifically for workouts. I find that my stride will pick up or slow down, dependant on the song playing. It definitely makes the 30 minutes fly by for me. Report
I like all the old songs from the 60's, 70's and 80's. Have downloaded alot and have grouped them into workout groups. What really got me going was Sugar Sugar.... I first played that on a walk, and got hooked on those old bouncy tunes! Report
Oh man, these are like the worst songs ever to exercise to! I have to have something with a strong, steady, fast beat. "When It's Over" would just make me want to lie on the floor and stare at the ceiling. I listen to Lady Gaga when I work out. I know, I know, but her beats are pretty amazing for a work out, and you can tune out her lyrics pretty easily when you get in the zone. Report
Couldn't agree more, the ipod shuffle is affordable and easy to use! Report
Today is a great day !!! Report

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