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Cardio Tunes!

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I have been using specific sports walking music for a long time. I forget the name, but you can find it on the internet. They have lots of titles and they tell you the pace. And,you know what? I want to keep listening to the music, so I keep walking further than I had planned!!!! I like the music that much!!!!

Music is an amazing adjunct to exercise. I have Abba music I use in the morning for the exercise ball. And, if I am not in the mood, well, the music puts me in the mood. Report
I totally agree - I always put more effort into my workout when I am listening to fast paced music. I can get through the 'burn' without stopping and I can workout for longer. It's amazing how you can lose yourself in the music and not notice the time go by. Also the music lifts your spirits so it's also good if you're feeling down and don't really feel like working out. Report
My workouts, especially cardio, go so much faster and seem so much easier when I listen to my iPod. I'm a music journalist so I have quite a collection of music and my taste varies. I make my own workout mixes. My two favorites are my hard rock and hip hop mixes. Artists like Pink and Black Eyed Peas have some great songs!

Also, there's a program called MixMeister that you can download for free and it will go through your music files on your computer and calculate the BPM for you. Report
I'd like to at least see the songs w/ bpm. When Sparks got rid of music, you should have at least left the titles and artists so we could find them elsewhere. Report
I get my best music when I let my son put his music on my ipod for me. He has a great collection and knows my taste but has introduced me to some great music that isn't in the "top 40". Now I get to know his music and I am very pleasantly surprised. (I would have never picked the music just based on the group name just by name alone!) He also introduced me to the world of podcasts and I am totally hooked on Fat2Fit Radio. You can download it for free on itunes or go to their website:
The two guys, Russ and Jeff are very reasonable, informative and entertaining and it works quite well with the Spark program. I find myself doing longer workouts just so I can hear the whole episode. Most are about 40 mins long so just the right length. So if you are having trouble finding stuff or want to expand your horizons, ask your younger neice/nephew/grandchild/kid at work to share what they like. You might be surprised! Report
I tunes has an app that allows you to figure out how many beat per minute your songs are and will sort them out for you. It will also tweak some of your songs that are close without making them sound different. It's pretty cool - and will help you build a workout library with the songs you already have loaded. :) Report
Outkast - B.O.B. (Bombs Over Baghdad) Hands down, without a doubt, and irrefutably the best tempo and beat to listen to if you are trying to push yourself on the treadmill. Your legs will NOT let you stop! Report
Music is a great motivator. Itunes has some free podcasts for working out. It requires a little searching but it's worth it. Report
I used to take my iPod with me on outdoor walks, but now that I have a dog, I actually prefer the silence, as I find I am more out of tune with my surroundings so I think music is a dangerous distraction in that case. But if I am on a treadmill or elliptical music is a MUST because tuning out the world is exactly what I need to keep me going.

I always try to find songs that I feel motivated by, because even if it has the RPE thing going on, if I hate it I will just press skip.
My all time fave song to workout to is Canned Heat by Jamiroquai. Look for the original long version of the song, the Napoleon Dynamite version cut short. It clocks in over 5 minutes, and it is perfect. I also like Lady Gaga and so far I have not gotten sick of Bad Romance...yet. And I love Train's Soul Sister - perfect for dancing and driving around with the windows down. Report
Listening to music while I walk has been the answer to my former boredom when exercising. I now look forward to my daily walk. I downloaded several walking CD's from the internet ($9.99 each), and mix them up. All the music on them has the appropriate beat for a fast-paced walk. LOVE THEM! Report
I found two free download websites for great workout music. One is a podcast at and the other is Donations are encouraged but voluntary none-the-less. Report
I borrow music cds from my public library and rip them to my laptop. I don't own an iPod so I use the music in my computer library when working out at home. I can create playlists to my media player that reflect my mood of the moment.

Some create songs are on the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack if you are looking for high energy. Report
I was wondering about listening to music while I walk. This article and some of the comments helped me to find the music I wanted. Thanks. Report
Music is good as a company if alone but if in public, have to be very aware of surroundings. Report
I use music working with seniors as well (I'm a physical therapist). Swing music is popular with my 80-100 year olds. It has a great beat and they like the style better than anything from the past 50 years...
:) Report

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