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Everyday Ways to Boost Your Calorie Burn

Think ''Fit'', Not ''Fast''


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Sounds wonderful and especially for the summer 😀. Does not work as well when you live in snowy Canada 🇨🇦 still there’s lots of chores that add up to calories burned if you turn it up a notch 😀 Report
Great...thanks! Report
I do many of these. A day of yard work or doing something productive is always more satisfying to me than working out (which I also do).

There are entire industries built on making our lives "less work" so now more industries have evolved to get us eating less and moving more to compensate. I shovel rather than snow blow, mow not just my own lawn but a few of the neighbors, take the stairs instead of the elevator (within reason, lol). It just makes sense to me. Report
Thank you! Report
Dearly Beloved and I do many of these--especially hanging out laundry on nice days! Report
Great ideas. Thanks Report
These are great ideas. I already walk to the supermarket and make a lot of meals at home. I didn’t know that washing dishes was such a calorie burner Report
Thanks. Report
GREAT Report
LOL! Clothesline! Report
I wish clotheslines were the new normal. I love letting clothes hang dry. They don't shrink! Report
Thanks. Report
Very good tips. Gives me a lot to think about. Thank you! Report
good points Report

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