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Dining Out: Thai Cuisine

Restaurant-Specific Strategies


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Thanks for the great article! :) Report
Thank You...……... Report
thanks Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Good article. Report
Thanks Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Thanks, Delish! Report
This really is another case of too much of any one thing is not good. Many things mentioned on this menu is high in fat but they are good fats so just don't eat that much. Report
Interesting Report
Interesting! Report
I'm so hungry and the suggestions sound simply delicious...... Report
Thom Ka Gai is necessary for my mental health. :-) Love the stuff. No oftener than I get to go out for Thai food, I'm going for it & will watch fat grams elsewhere. Moderation, remember? Report
This is not the first time SP has offered advice that is contrary to good sense. What intelligent person would ask a chef to replace coconut oil with vegetable oil, when vegetable oil is usually sourced from GMO ingredients (corn, canola, soy).

I am once again appalled by the author's lack of good sense. Where is the quality control? This is not the first time I've found information on this site that is contrary to current medical knowledge. Report

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