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Alcohol and Weight Loss


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Why even drink? Report
good to know... I rarely drink but this information will help me know what's best. thanks. Report
Very good information Report
I don't have to worry to much about this one since I don't drink alcohol. Report
I watched a show about how alcohol affects our bodies, and now I don't want any anymore. It can cause cancer! In about 10% of everyone who drinks any, they'll get cancer from drinking. That's a LOT of people! And I just learned that it happened to one of my great-grandfathers when he was in his 40s. If you really do want to drink alcohol, learn about what the correct serving sizes are for each drink. And they say women can have one serving a day, and men can have two. But each drink has different serving sizes, so you have to do your research! If that's too hard, ask your doctor or a librarian for help figuring it out. It's good to know! Report
Good need-to-know information! Report
I can take it or leave it but I know its really not that good for me given the risks associated with it.Not to mention I could be having something else instead that's more nutritious as opposed to (probable ) empty calories. Report
The older I've gotten, the less I drink. Unless it is a special occasion, I just skip it. Report
Just more reasons for me to not drink the stuff. I'm glad I don't. I feel healthier without the red wine. Report
Good article. Due to not liking alcohol, I don't drink with meals or any other time. My choice. Big reason is the migraines after a glass of wine. Thanks for sharing even though the article is a little dated, the info is still good. Report
I’m looking again. That article was written in 2006, 12 years ago. Aren’t there new studies? Please update us! Report
What a sad article! You’ve taken all the joy out of my 5 oz glass of wine at dinner which I thought was good for me! Report
Used to have an occasional drink, now all I have is a small glass of wine at Christmas. Report
Interesting article.. I have up alcohol years ago. Report
Great article! Report

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