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Alcohol and Weight Loss


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Great article! Report
Great information! I only have a drink maybe one or twice a year. Now I know the best to order. Report
Thanks for the great information! :) Report
Good article. Report
The best thing I ever did was stop drinking. It wasn’t just to save calories, it was to save my life and save relationships. Report
I limit alcohol to one occasional drink on a rare occasion when dieting. I find alcohol slows, weight loss for me. Report
While I'm not a prude--if I want a beer or a glass of wine with my meal, I have them--I've decided it just isn't worth it for me personally--empty calories, the FoodBabe's research into pesticides and other nasties creeping into drinks also stops me from wanting to regularly consume these types of drinks. Report
Great information! Report
Great information! Report
Thanks for the information. Report
thanks Report
Very interesting. Report
Resolve is soluble in alcohol. Report
Thanks for the info Report
Thanks for the Great Info! Report

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