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Alcohol and Weight Loss


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I never drank a whole lot through the week, in fact I never drank anything. On the weekends we bar hopped We all had way too much to drink. After my DS was born I quit drinking. I hope U have a Super & Blessed Saturday! Linda! Report
Bummer Report
Thank you for the informative article. I am glad I rarely drink any alcholic drink. Report
Very informative!! Report
When I was a drinker, it wasn't as part of my diet. It was because I wanted to party, dance and let loose. We didn't plan to not eat or to substitute drinks for food. That is just what happened. Now I'm older and don't drink for medical reasons. But if I still drank, I would probably do it the same way as when I was younger. Report
Agreed..good article. I used to only drink when I went out with my husband. Now, I drink wine nightly to help with stress from my job. I load it with ice though, so the effect is not as strong, but it's usually 2 full glasses. I work out (boot camp) mainly 5 days a week, but the results are slow. I will cut out the wine for a month and see if there's a major difference. Either way, I do need to cut back or at least go back to every now and then. Report
Luckily, I don't like alcohol. Report
Alcohol is a carb so diabetics really need to budget this in their daily carb intake. Report
Great info. And as said, all things in moderation! Report
all things in moderation - agreed Report
All things in moderation works for me. One of the points of working on my health is to enjoy my life more. I enjoy the occasional rum & coke (coke zero). Eat better, eat less, exercise more - but let's not be fanatical about it. :) Report
very interesting! Report
drinks are for special times....maybe once a year Report
Oh dear, I suppose all of those facts are pretty obvious but from time to time, we all conveniently "forget" them! I am having a month off alcohol, to see if it makes any difference and I'm hoping it will at least make me feel better... If not, then I will go back to polishing my halo!!!!! (sorry for the joke, but I am acutely aware that I potentially sabotage my efforts with a single night out that can often go pear shaped ie I drink more than I intended to, then I eat some food I wouldn't normally have) Report
I'm so glad that I simply can't stand the taste of alcoholic beverages, no matter how cutely doctored up, and ads shown of pretty people laughing and having fun! I tried to learn to like it while young, but it makes me throw up. Even the smell gets to my stomach, I went with others on a wine tasting tour, the smell made me throw up while the tour guide was talking about all the varieties they had, red wine smell in particular does it to me! At least one thing I don't need to worry about having to stop myself from having....... Report

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