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Read This Before Starting a Low-Carb Diet


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Sometimes I get more info from the comments than I do the articles. Report
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LOL! Low carb or no carb diets do NOT use protein as a fuel source! Where on Earth did you get that? We are FAT burners. Please do your own research!! The keto diet has saved my life without the deprivation of other diets that don't work like fat and calorie restriction. We've seen how well the food pyramid has worked :(( People keep getting fatter. Check out Benjamin Bikman, Sten Ekberg, Jason Fung, William Davis and literally hundreds of other doctors who have actually figured it out and know what they are talking about. YouTube has tons of CURRENT info. This is why continuing education is so important, especially for health professionals who give people advice. We learn new things! Report
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Being a diabetic, I do try to avoid the shoddy carbs. My numbers thank me for it and I can always tell by them when I need to improve. Report
Great information. Report
I do my best to avoid those shoddy carbs and keep low carb that way... it works for me! Report
God need-to-know information, thanks! Report
Apparently everyone is a critic and think they are experts. I will stick with known experts! Report
The ketogenic diet has literally saved the lives of some of my diabetic friends. This article is very misleading. No, keto is not for everyone. But all the horrible effects listed simply haven't happened to my friends. Not at all. And they are no longer on prescription meds for their diabetes. Report
So important to avoid simple carbs and focus on complex carbs and fiber. Report
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An old Inuit or Masai reading this would think she lost her moorings. Report
Thanks for the good information. I will continue to eat a diet consisting of all healthy food groups. I just don't feel that eliminating foods that provide vitamins, minerals and nutrients from my meal plan is best for me. But, I also agree that to each his own. What works for one might not be right for another. Report
Unfortunately, this article is misleading, and even wrong on several points if one considers recent (last 5 years) studies. Smart people will go to Pubmed . gov, where results of studies are published (most funded by taxpayers, btw), or ClinicalTrials . gov
But for the majority, it is much easier to read these little spark-people versions of human physiology, unsupported by any peer-reviewed references. Report

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