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Read This Before Starting a Low-Carb Diet


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Well, at least they're allowing comments. Report
There is so much valuable information in this article. I have belonged to Spark People for 10 years and I learned some things I wasn't sure of. Questions now answered Report
Thanks Report
*I'll stick with Keto, it's what works best for me Report
I stick with Keto, it's what works best for me. Report
Why don't you educate yourself with some information from those doing research. Report
Becky Hand -- after all this time, STILL? I can't believe that Sparkpeople would allow an article with this kind of bias against a low carb diet. (I don't think this diet is for everyone). Carbs turn into sugar within 10 minutes after eating. Whole grains take 15. Carbs = sugar = blood glucose spike = insulin spike = fat storage. Multiply this by 3 meals a day plus snacks. And although potatoes are fairly low on the Glycemic Index, they cause your blood sugar to skyrocket, and fast. If you eat low carb you do NOT burn protein. You burn fat. If you have symptoms of keto flu, you are coming off of your addiction to sugar and it will pass as you transition to burning fat. Eating healthy fats is very satisfying and will sustain you much longer than sugar will. You don't get hungry nearly as often. My hubby and I have lost nearly 100 lbs between us since May. We do eat carbs on occasion if we go out. I do not feel cravings or feel deprived. And we save a ton of money since we don't have to buy bread, pasta, potatoes, snacks and crackers, so we can easily afford to eat steak and other rich and delicious foods every day. Big salads with plenty of dressing are a staple. On a low carb diet, the food that IS allowed is AWESOME. I had a blood panel recently and all of my numbers are well within the normal range, so no more medications for high blood pressure, diabetes or cholesterol and this is typical! Report
I lose the most weight avoiding all breads and sugars and eating mainly meat and veggies. However on my heavy workout days I find I need carbs or I get the shakes and cannot perform. I am still working to find the perfect balance that works for me. The trick for me as a food addict is to limit the shoddy carbs to twice a week. I find it is easy to stay completely away from them, but when I allow a few a week the cravings return and I want more, more, more! That is simply frustrating. But I figure if I keep trying I can figure out what will keep me going long term. Report
the same half truth scare tactics that people have been peddling at fats for 40 years. If you read the comments you see that some do well with low carb and some don't That, it seems to me to bear out that the 'experts' trying to impose a single way of eating whether low carb or low fat or anything else is not a winning formula Report
Very Biased. This isn't just Keto bashing this is misinformation. You feel bad when you remove carbs because of withdrawal and electrolyte depletion. Ketosis outside of diabetes is not dangerous. It just means your body is using an alternate fuel, fat. The bad breath isn't that bad, I've asked people.
I've been keto for 4 months I feel great. Its not for everyone and it takes planning, but all diets do I wish Becky would read the multiple studies out there that show the health benefits of Keto and low-carb. Education doesn't stop when you get your degree it continues for the rest of your life. Report
Thanks Report
Thank you. I've found my body needs fiber and complex carbs to be happy and healthy. My DBIL swears by the low carb life and it works for him. Report
I was disappointed in this article because it seems to be largely based on old theories and reads just as the usual - eat a balanced diet, portion control, etc. She also appears to lump fiber into the non-useful category at the beginning, but my understanding is that although it has no nutritive impact in the body (thereby, the Drs. Eades disallow it in carb counts in Protein Power), it is essential for good bowel health. Also, as another commenter noted, any "ill" feelings that come from cutting down carbohydrates is actually the result of withdrawal. Another commenter simply said "I like my carbs." So do I, but I feel much better and my blood sugar and test results are always much better when I forego those carbs. Carbs are sugar. Sugar is addictive. Read "Sugar Blues" by William Dufty for more info on that. I love carbs, but if I ate too many regularly, my diabetes would be worse. Actually, my main focus now is getting that back on track as I haven't been sticking closer to the low carb model. That and exercise is what is making me feel better. Report
thank you Report

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