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Read This Before Starting a Low-Carb Diet


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Good information however, I have food allergies and yes I carry an epi pen. I am allergic to gluten as well as Iodine and I do avoid both. We are all different with our nutritional needs. Healthy over what the scale works for me. To each their own . Report
This article is full of misinformation. I have lost 140 so far with low carb, off of blood pressure medication. My doctor is fully supportive my plan, my lab work is all good. For people that feel ill, it is carb addiction withdrawal, it only lasts a few days and can be eased with electrolytes and salt. I am very disappointed that Spark is so heavily dismissing the low carb diet. Report
Sorry it posted before I was finished so I will just continue...I liked that the information was all in one place so I copied it by hand and made it the first article in my carb. information book. THANKS. Report
I am a diabetic and have been for years. I found this article very informative and liked th Report
I love my carbs! Report
really good info Report
You have to find what works for you and stick with it Report
It's what works for each individual. Low carb, limiting to lots of highly nutritious vegetables, works well for me and good gut health. I avoid grains Report
Great info!!!! Report
I'm on weight watchers Report
I'm just here to watch all the keto people have meltdowns in the comments lol Report
Interesting article. Report
The one thing they don't talk about in the keto diet is sodium
I am on low sodium diet because of high blood pressure and retaining fluid. I am trying to do my own thing however I eat breakfast and may have a snack but I am just not hungry and I have been eating fish. Shrimp and chicken and low sodium
I just am not getting thr calories I should because my appetite is almost nil. Same with my husband. We are retired and just don't est that much. I lost some weight which a lot was fluid. Any advice??? Report
Thank you for the good info. Report

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