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Read This Before Starting a Low-Carb Diet


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I have been afraid of carbs. This helps. Thanks! Report
Great information. Report
Forgive typos on my post below.... blame the “smart” phone! :-) Report
I bed to differ about the Ketogenic Way Of Eating. Not only have U lost 69 lbs on #KETO but daily headaches have disappeared. I’m much slimmer, have boundless energy and an able to do so many things I’d thought were impossible. I also object to the premise that glucose is the body’s “preferred “ source of energy. My body burns my own fat for the energy it needs. My blood pressure is down to normal now and my mental clarity is spectacular. No more brain fog. And I do eat those complex carbs.. even very small servings of fruit in my mega salads. I’m so glad I tried Keto. While it may not be for everyone, I’m DELIGHTED with the results and no cravings for those carbs is an added bonus! :-) Report
We need to educate ourselves, SparkFriends. What works for others, may not work for you. We can do it Report
Being diabetic I am on a strict regiment on my "carbs" and as a result my blood-sugar numbers are in a good zone. So I guess it works for me. Report
Carbs are not the devil that everyone thinks they are. However especially here in the USA we are not physically active and enough to consume the amount of cards that we do which is why a majority of us are overweight. Healthy carbs are good for you but moderation is key potatoes rice all of these heavy starchy things were just not burning the calories like people did at the turn of the century working on farms we sit most of the day we do not need this heavy amount of carbs Report
This was very helpful. I feel I should really study up on this. Report
Thanks for the article Report
Thanks Report
Thank you Report
A good article. We are going low carb to decrease my husband’s blood sugar, using the 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet for guidance, but not going as low in calories. Really enjoying the complex carbs and losing the pounds and inches. Report
Sure explains alot Report
Good read. Thanks for this need-to-know information! Report
The article was informative at a layman level. Unfortunately, some folks are rather simple-minded and will not believe what is stated here. They will go on making excuses and believing as they will until their body is damaged. Then they will something other for their woes. Sad really.

The low carb diet was designed to assist certain medical conditions. If your healthcare provider does not tell you to use this diet and help you set guides and track results, you are playing a game with your health and can lose more than weight. Report

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