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Read This Before Starting a Low-Carb Diet


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Use a glucose meter after eating any kind of carbs and see what s happening with your own eyes. Report
thank you Report
Thank you for the article. Report
I tried a low carb diet. I got stupid. Seriously, I forgot my name. I knew it started with an S, but that was all. I couldn't answer the simplest questions about where I was or what I was doing. I will never do that to my brain again. Baked potatoes are my BFFs. Report
Being diabetic I try to stick with low to mod carbs. Report
When you are insulin resistant as I am then low carb , mod protein , high fat diet had been the way for me. Keep up to date in the scientific facts. Don’t just go by what others have always proactive not just a copy cat of o there’s misinformation.
I love the term "shoddy". It's such a great word. My neurologist suggested an intermittent short-term (month long) ketogenic diet once in a while for my neurological disorders, as it has been shown to help with various neuro disorders in studies. I feel that's one of the cases where it's a very legitimate diet choice for people. I know many kids with uncontrolled epilepsy have been saved by a ketogenic diet. Long-term, though, I like my moderate carb diet and feel it's healthiest for me. But I'm not sure I have the willpower for even a month-long keto diet! Report
Good information. I have a problem with not eating enough carbs. I end up usually having an ice cream bar at the end of the day just to get enough calories/carbs in! Report
Thank you for the article. I have found depriving myself will back fire over the long term. The best diet is one that is moderate with a variety of whole foods. In the end the best diet is the one you can sustain long term in all situations. Report
I'm not eating many carbs because if I had them in the house, my husband would be eating them out of control. I got rid of all the products with a lot of carbs to help him break his addiction. Report
keto/ 20 carbs a day is helping me to get my BS down.. Dr Jason Fung- intermittent fasting , diabetic code and obesity code are his books.. got my BS from near 300 - near 100s with this info - 20 carbs a day .. sad to say 100 carbs is what made my BS go up so high ............. Report
I think that every body is different. I suggest that anyone thinking of the keto diet try the two week Maffetone test. You can see whether or not low carb is beneficial or not. For me, I can have a moderate amount of carbs and still be ok. Too much sugar and wheat bloats me. I'm glad I tried it.
Excellent article, good need-to-know information and how to plan meals. Report
Seriously, do your own research for you and what you alone have unique within your own body. Low carb and NO CARB diets have served me well and served me my health back. Inflammation is the key cause of most disease and many of us CAN NOT tolerate carbs no matter in which column they fall. For some of us we need very little to live and thrive if any at all. Bad science is bad science, but for some anything works an nothing no carbs. Know your body, know the science and know your health numbers and professionals that know the new and real science.
I appreciate so much the conversation and as well SP allowing us to have our own views here and our own way of doing it, in our own time, and our own journey to our own health. I envy anyone who can consume healthy carbs and continue their own healthy lifestyle, many of us can not tolerate any carb. Report
The article didn't seem to deliver on the headline. Seems this would be better entitled: how carbs work in the body. Report

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