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The Benefits and Virtues of Voluntary Simplicity

Simplify Your Life!


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I don’t know what the solution is, but this is not it, how would daddy feel if the table had no food on it, or the kids were dressed in rags and picked on at school because of it. I am not sure where a low cost area is, we are supposed to be living in one, but even though my farm cost less then the middle of Boston, my job when I was working was so much lower wage then the same one would be in the city, my groceries are definitely more money as is my fuel, gas for the car, clothing and everything else. My taxes are higher in comparison I pay the same as my brother in Boston even though his house is valued at double mine. Simple living is a thing of the past, some say I live simply but it doesn’t seem so to me, yes I grow most of my own food, but the staples in the store still have to be bought at high cost, you are bound by what you need and the cost of it. Report
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If you want to know how your child is feeling, you simply has to ask! Report
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Children are sincerely honest. Daddy missing from the picture changed everything! Report
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Wonderful article. Although there are some situations beyond our control to simplify, virtually everyone can find some element of voluntary simplicity if it’s important to them. This article spoke to me because it’s a reminder to simplify my life in those areas that I can, and also a reminder that life is constantly changing. What seems impossible right now may be possible in another phase of my life. Report
This article is from 2006 and I'm reading it in 2019. I tend not to read older articles on SP, but I liked this one.While one commenter stated this is unrealistic, as far as jobs go, I may agree but it makes sense for me and my husband, who is near retirement age. Thanks. Report
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Some of this isn't realistic. Jobs can require more hours to complete than just 40 a week. Commute time can eat into schedules. The high cost of housing can make it difficut to cut back. I think many people are trapped. There is not a happy medium. Unless one lives in a much less expensive part of the country with good paying jobs, this is a concept for the rich or upwardly mobile.
I see some well educated younger individuals choosing this but at the expense of saving for retirement. It is not realistic nor sustainable for the many other than decluttering. If one owns a home or has kids, a certain amount of stuff will have to accumulate.
This article isn't one of Spark's best. Report
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