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Learn to Love Running

Meeting Your Goals Never Felt So Good


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I’ve slowly been getting back to running and really enjoy it! I found a group of local folks who also run/walk. We meet at at local coffee shop then each heads out to run/walk their individual pace. We meet up back up for coffee and fellowship. It’s a win-win!! Report
Age has taken a toll on me, I can barely walk, let alone run. Report
I walk with an occasional jog. That’s about all my knees can stand. Report
Thanks - I love to run! Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Good article. Report
I was told years back that running/jogging is one of the worse things a woman can do to her body - this by an orthopedist and a physical therapist. So I walk and walking provides the same benefits. Report
I wish I liked running Report
Running and walking are the greatest Report
Such a versatile exercise! Report
Thanks. Report
I started running again now for the past three weeks, been away from running for 15 months.

I am doing jog/walk; I walk for four min, jog for two mins, walk for three, run for two, if my legs are tiring I do walk/jog one minute each, if I am still tiring ill take longer walks and shorter jogs.

never the less I get one hour in. Report
Great article! Report
I didn't realize running could help prevent strokes. They run in my family Report
Running is so freeing. Report

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