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4 Ways You're Cheating Yourself at the Gym

Make the Most of Your Strength Training Workouts


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good article Report
Good article. Report
thank you Report
Great article! Thanks! Report
Thank You for a great article. Report
I normally walk to my gym which can take up to ten minutes there and ten minutes back. Hopefully, this counts as a warm up. Prefer to stretch after my workout. Report
I don't ever skip warm up or cool down. I use mostly workout videos anyway. All of them do warm ups and cool downs Report
A good reference is Dr. Sears book PACE The 12 Minute Fitness Revolution, recommended reading for all Spark members. Good luck to all. Report
I'm getting an education in fitness, being a SPARKER. Report
This was a really useful article--I will make some changes in intensity and time between sets based on her info. Thank you! Report

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