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Tips for Eating Meatless Meals to Benefit Your Health


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PCRM recommends a VEGAN diet.. not a vegetarian one. Cheese, milk products and eggs are not part of this way of eating. Report
Interesting Report
Great article. Report
I will eat meat when I can afford it. I will cheese when I want to. I will eat vegetables and grains with my occasional meat and cheese. I won't name my diet. I eat food. Report
steak who can afford that!! besides there ar such things as a 'healthy portion' in all foods. Report
not for me, ever Report
Thank you! Report
Catholics have been doing this for centuries, LOL! Report
It might be a new name but it is a ridiculous one. Why does a healthy, environmentally friendly diet need a silly label. It's just EATING. We should be doing this for so many reasons , but being silly about labels and names isn't the way to do it. Report
flexitarian? Is that even a word Report
Great article. Increasing numbers of peer-reviewed, scientific studies show that drastically reducing meat and dairy intake is the best possible plan for health and longevity. The real proof is in the cultures and peoples that already live that way. Want to be healthy and long-lived? Do what those in the blue zones do! Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
Good article. Report

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