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Common Myths about Happiness


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This should be available every day. Wonderful article Report
Awesome...thanks... Report
What a WONDERFUL article! Report
Love this article. I so agree. Gratitude and thankfulness is everything Report
So true. Thanks. Report
Great article. Oh the things we believe just because a couple of people said them. Report
Good article. Report
Wonderful article and very true! Report
Well thought out article. Useful info! Report
A great reminder to be happy today on our road to tomorrow!
Thank you Report
Great article alot of good advice Thanks for sharing Report
This is a GREAT article!!!!! Report
Inspiring article. Report
Great Article Report
Great article ! In my almost 70 years I have learned to be happy with what you have, don't obsess over what you want to have. Choose a few good friends you can trust and rely on, don't hold a grudge. People you hate or detest probably don't know about it and wouldn't care if they did. Get involved in your kids as they grow teaching them respect and to live by their word, lead/teach by your actions and words. Kids grow up fast and we only have one chance. Rich or poor isn't important as long as you have basic necessities. One's work isn't important as long as it's legal and you do the best job you can at it. Treat others with respect and they shall respond in kind. Always greet people with a smile and a warm hello they will reciprocate in kind; if not, then don't worry and don't get angry, Just carry on Report

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