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Are Your Friends Making You Fat?


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Good to know. Report
My husband is bad at trying to make me eat more. Report
Interesting. Thank you. Report
interesting Report
Thanks, I needed this reminder today. Report
I am not easily led astray by my firends but can be easliy distracted. i have chosen my Best Friends to remind me when I am nibbling and being distracted from my own healthy choices. She does it and i Love her for it. Report
Good information! I am easily swayed into eating what might not be good for me when hanging with my friends. I do get back on track the next day. Report
I try and set an example for my friends, however some indulge more than others. I am not a peer pressure person and prefer not to regret my actions. This is something to be mindful of, SparkFriends. Report
Thanks Report
good information Report
Thank you. I had a stepmother who seemed determined to keep me overweight. I think it was to balance out with her obese daughter. Report
My best friend and I have always concurred that "friends make you fat." It's not them being pushy or unsupportive though. It's more about the social aspects of "hanging out." Usually, seeing a friend involves dining out, which means high calorie meals. It's great that some people have self control--but I do not. If you take me to a Mexican food restaurant, no matter how hard I try not to, I will eat too many of the chips and salsa, lol. Report
Thank you. Report

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