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Homemade Beauty Recipes for Skin

Natural Treatments for Face & Body


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thanks Report
Thank you for the ideas. Report
Love the info from all the comments. Report
Anyone with known botanical allergies should be careful with some of these. Lavender and chamomile are way more potent than you might think. Report
do a lot of DIY like these for cleaning products and beauty care. i'd like to see more articles like this. Report
The comments make sense. Report
It is very hard to find pure and potent essential oils. You have to really research the company and the owners of the brand you choose. They are not FDA regulated and can say "100% pure" "organic" and not be at all. It's crazy. All this to say I love my oils but be careful. Never order from amazon! You can buy replacement caps for 25 cents and anyone can sell on there and adulterate them easily. Just my input! Report
Seems it would be cheaper to purchase one of the many products already made commercially. Report
I’ve been a certified cosmetician and beauty advisor for over 20 years. Even though I sell more traditional luxury and dermatologist recommended products I don’t have a problem with home made stuff as long as people are aware of its limitations. Keep in mind that products produced in the lab are specially engineered to be small enough to penetrate fully into the skin. For example, in the 1970’s people would put collagen on their skin to stop wrinkles. Natural collagen is too large to penetrate into the skin so does nothing for wrinkles. The colleges of today is actually called microcollagen or matrixal (a peptide) which is an active portion of the collagen that is small enough to penetrate into the skin and stimulate your own collagen to produce itself. I’m not putting down natural skincare just want you to be aware that in some cases natural is “better” in some cases not. I’m also glad to see that they’ve put time limits on the shelf life of these natural products. After all you wouldn’t put old food in your body, you shouldn’t be putting it on your face either. Report
WOW...good to know....thanks!!! Report
I am allergic to many "essential" oils, be careful of them...... Report
Wish someone had a good home remedy for the bags under my eyes; it's pretty bad when your BAGS are getting bags! (and yes, I've tried placing cucumber slices or used teabags over them; doesn't do anything, except that they looked somewhat WORSE afterwards.) Report
Very good tips. Report
Smile. It's contagious! Report
I have skin allergies and can't seem to use fancy soaps. Thank goodness for Octagon soap! It gets the job done without all the dryness and itching! It is hard to find though. Report

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