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Homemade Beauty Recipes for Hair

Natural Treatments for Healthy Hair


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This is a fabulous article. Thanks for featuring it today on the login page. I enjoyed reading it again. Report
Natural, to me, is the best way to go, inside and out, SparkFriends Report
Interesting..thanks! Report
Came to this page by mistake but an interesting read anyway! Report
Going to try some of these! Report
Interesting ideas, thanks. Report
Good article. Report
Hmmmmm Report
Interesting article, good need-to-know information! Report
Make and use a number of natural beauty products for myself. Vegetable glycerine is awesome in SO many ways. Haven't tried it yet on my hair--thanks for the tip. Report
It's a nice thought but completely unrealistic for my lifestyle. I don't have time to cook dinner, let alone make my toiletries. I would also struggle to have to make new hair products every 3-4 days...and remember to get them out of the fridge.

Don't get me wrong, if you have time & are more domestic than I am then this is probably great. It just makes me feel a little guilty that being a full-time working mom with no extra time doesn't allow me to even really try these. I already only get 4 hours of sleep a night so I have time to grab a workout. Plus, if I like any of these, I'm out of luck to keep doing them! Ignorance is bliss for me. :) Report
I am probably going to get some flack for this but it is better to NOT use anything on your hair. And I am talking ONLY to the males on here. Did you know that the chemicals in your shampoos and conditioners actually HURT your hair instead of help it? Why do you think many have thin, dry hair? It's the shampoos that do the drying. The scalp naturally cleans itself daily. When you first stop using shampoo, your hair creates excessive oil because it is trying to get rid of the layer of crap left by shampoos and conditioners. After about two weeks of not using hair products, your hair stops producing excessive oil and wait a daily shower, your hair finishes nice and clean WITHOUT any foul smell. Report
I would not use this recipe if you have colored , lightened or any chemical treatments on your hair ............(smoothing , perm, highlighted etc.)

From a Hair expert Report
Occasionally I use a recipe a friend gave me, though she didn't have measurements, so I just wing it. :) I whisk up some mayonaise with an egg, some olive oil and some vitamin E. She told me to also add vitamin A, but I don't have any around the house and haven't added it. I'm going to try your method Two Sparrows. It sounds interesting. Report
I have been using the recipe with yogurt, egg, grapeseed oil, about once a month for several months now. I usually leave it in for 45 minutes. It makes my hair incredibly soft. However, I strongly suggest using greek yogurt for this recipe as it is thicker, so does not drip as much when applied. Report

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