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8 Effective Exercises You Can Do With 1 Resistance Band


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Great article! Report
Thanks Report
bands are a great tool i have to try these Report
Morit looks pretty strong Report
I think I could do most of them that are not on the floor. Report
Resistance bands with hard handles could come up and hit you in the face. I know a woman who lost an eye this way. Rubber resistance bands are much safer, no handles. Report
These are great! Thank you for sharing. Report
Some will be beyond me but can try some Report
Very creative. Thanks Report
Love using the resistance bands! Report
what a great idea! I haven't used my band in quite a while. I usually use a stretchie band instead of my tube. Report
They all look like great moves! I will have to try to see if I can do this at the gym. That is if my phone cooperates. Thank you! Report
Great Report
Thank you Report
Very helpful!!! TY I'm going on vacation in a bit and I love my resistance bands Report

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