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8 Effective Exercises You Can Do With 1 Resistance Band


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Awesome! Report
Thanks for the info; I'm not sure that lunges and squats are good for knee issues, but I want to try! Report
Love these! And love that Sparks uses a * nce size * model to show these.....not a skinny mini one!
Makes one feel....* If she can do can I*
And she is pretty top it off! Report
Great exercises, thank you. I always take my resistance bands with me when travelling, so convenient! Report
Thank you Report
Proves you don't need to buy expensive equipment. Report
I love strength training. I usually use weights. I do have plenty of stretchy bands. I just might have to try this work out. If I remember to look at SP I should say Report
I could only do some of these exercises because of my shoulders and knees. Report
Thanks Report
These are awesome and I JUST got a package yesterday of several stretch bands etc. I was about to look up some various techniques for using, and woolah! this blog was on my front page today! Will be doing and love that I don't have to go to the gym to use theirs, which often disappear! .. I can use while I am watching TV! … Thanks much! Report
I will try some of these Report
I really like this article! I can do about half of them,and that is great! Report
Great exercises! Report
.I would be wary of these type of resistance bands with the handles. I have an aunt who lost an eye when one hit her in the eye. The bands without handles are safer. Report
very good Report

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