Old Men Bust a Move in a New Style

You might watch America's Got Talent, but have you ever watched the British version? It's great! Just this past year, the judges were prepared to be unimpressed when 5 middle-aged men walked on stage to do a dance routine. They sure weren't prepared for what came next!
This is a good reminder that you can reach your goals at any age!
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Member Comments

KHALIA2 1/19/2020 9:56:01 AM
Luv, Luv, this one!!!!! Report
LIVEANDLAUGH 1/10/2020 9:08:28 AM
Good for them! Fun to watch!! Report
KHALIA2 12/31/2019 9:44:00 AM
Love,Love, Love this one! Report
PATRICIA-CR 12/31/2019 8:19:08 AM
This video gives such an uplift every time I watch it!! Report
KHALIA2 12/26/2019 10:46:34 AM
Can't seem to get enough of this one!!! Report
KHALIA2 11/23/2019 9:07:13 AM
My favorite!!! Report
KHALIA2 10/28/2019 7:47:33 PM
I am guilty of watching this one. Simply love it! Report
KHALIA2 9/14/2019 10:56:31 AM
Love this one but hasn't looked at it in quite some time! Report
LIVEANDLAUGH 9/11/2019 6:23:02 PM
And the crowd goes wild !!!!! Report
KHALIA2 8/29/2019 2:26:27 PM
It's time to watch this one again! Report
KHALIA2 7/29/2019 12:53:28 PM
Luv, luv.love this one! Report
KHALIA2 7/21/2019 7:54:50 AM
Love this one!! Report
KHALIA2 7/15/2019 2:19:01 PM
Simply Never tire of watching this one!! Report
KHALIA2 6/3/2019 6:33:34 AM
Simply can't get enough of this one. Report
PARTYDAN 5/10/2019 4:25:35 PM
Cool!! Report