Watch This Woman Do 61 Push-Ups in 60 Seconds--While Balancing on Medicine Balls

April Calderon broke the world record for the most push-ups in one minute--all while balancing on 3 medicine balls. Watch her victory and then get out there to tackle your own biggest fitness goals!
Are you up for a challenge? Try the push-up test yourself! (Medicine balls not required!)
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Member Comments

HANOVERLADY 8/31/2020 10:42:22 AM
Amazing! Report
CKOUDSI617 6/22/2020 8:26:16 PM
WHOA! April is in FANTASTIC SHAPE! Amazing! :) Report
KHALIA2 4/11/2020 9:55:42 PM
Can't do this one! Report
NENEBFIT 3/30/2020 7:50:15 AM
Wow! I can’t do one even without being on balls! You are amazing! Loved the crowd support! Report
KHALIA2 12/8/2019 10:32:53 AM
Amazing!!! Report
PAMBROWN62 11/10/2019 3:43:05 AM
Incredible. I can’t even do regular push ups that well and mostly do wall push ups when I do them at all. Report
HEDSTS58 9/21/2018 8:03:12 AM
WOW Report
KHALIA2 8/31/2018 3:20:36 PM
Amazing, April! Report
BARBEQUESUE 6/22/2018 7:03:11 AM
Totally awesome.
Push ups are hard anyway, but balancing on balls at the same time...WOW
Great Job! Report
CKOUDSI617 10/9/2017 1:25:42 PM
WOWW! That's AMAZING! Report
PATRICIA-CR 10/9/2017 10:30:28 AM
Hats off to you! Report
SKIMBRO 8/2/2017 9:35:08 AM
Motivation! Report
CD4114015 6/1/2017 7:28:02 AM
AWESOME article! THANKS! Report
MOLUX252627 5/16/2017 10:42:52 AM
What an inspirational video. Great job! Loved hearing the crowd cheer for her. Report
1BEARWIFE 7/4/2016 2:02:12 PM
This is absolutely AMAZING!!! I was counting right along with the crowd, cheering you on. What an accomplishment!!! While I would never try to do that balancing thing, I CAN do the push-ups and get stronger. Maybe I won't get 61 right off the bat, but I know I can do at least 20! Report