No-Fuss Meals for Busy Schedules

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We all have those days when there’s barely a minute to breathe, much less time to shop for ingredients and prepare a complicated home-cooked meal. A busy schedule doesn’t mean you’re destined for the drive-thru window, though. Delicious and healthy meals can be yours with just a few ingredients and a few minutes to spare. For your busiest days, drop the takeout menu and reach for one of these 12 meal options.

Feta and Spinach Scramble

Who says eggs are only for breakfast? With 18.4 grams of protein, this dish makes a good lunch or dinner option, too.  Add fruit or whole-wheat toast to complete the meal.

Grilled Cheese Pizza Sandwich
Pair this spin on a classic favorite with a salad for a delicious and satisfying meal.

Mexican Chicken Breast
Just four ingredients are needed to create this flavorful dish. Serve over rice or quinoa for a well-rounded dinner.

Simple Grilled Salmon
Fresh dill and lemon make this fish dish shine. Add a side of steamed vegetables to complete the meal.

Easy Bean Tostadas
A delicious meal in 15 minutes or less that’s full of fiber and flavor!

Goin’ Green Smoothie
Smoothies are great for any meal or snack to boost your fruit and veggie intake. Pair this blended beverage with a sandwich for more staying power.  

Tortilla Pinwheels
These bites make great appetizers, but they also work as a fun lunch or dinner the whole family will enjoy. Serve with a piece of fruit and some yogurt to hit every food group in one meal.  

Easy Poached Eggs and Pasta
Dinner doesn’t get much easier than this! A complete meal using four ingredients in 15 minutes or less.  

5-Ingredient Soup
Five cans and five minutes—yes, it really is that simple! Surprisingly delicious and filling, this soup will quickly become a family favorite.

Cola Chicken
A low-calorie dish that is flavorful and easy to prepare. Consider adding vegetables and brown rice to up the fiber content.

Vegetarian Collard Wraps
You’ll never think of a burrito the same way!  A delicious meal for days when you are craving a meat-free option.

Mini Pepperoni Pizzas
Get all of the satisfaction and cheesy goodness of pizza, without the extra fat. This lightened-up alternative is low in calories and packs a big flavor to boot.

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