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Introducing MommyTeams

Meet & Connect with Others Like You

MommyTeams add dimension to the BabyFit Community, giving you more opportunities to develop relationships and share your pregnancy and parenting experiences with other BabyFit members like you.

The variety of MommyTeams is unlimited! Every BabyFit member has the ability to create the Team(s) of her choice and to join Teams that match her specific parenting stage or family circumstances. Each MommyTeam has its own Message Board forum and earns BabyPoints together for a common goal.

But MommyTeams are much more than a way to collect points as a group. Teams help you meet new people with common interests and goals, so that you can support each other throughout preconception, pregnancy and parenthood. Couldn't we all use a little more support and encouragement to help us reach our goals?

If you have an idea about a team you'd like to join, first do a search to see if it already exists. If it doesn't, then consider starting one! Here are some ideas:

  • MommyTeam Name: 5 Fruits & Vegetables Challenge
    Type (Category): Challenges
    Description: Join other Moms who are finding creative ways to prepare meals with fruits and vegetables to reach their "5-a-day" goal.

  • MommyTeam Name: Mommies of Preschoolers
    Type (Category): Parenting
    Description: Find and connect with other members that have children in preschool.

  • MommyTeam Name: Teachers
    Type (Category): Work & Career
    Description: Join other teachers to share tips for getting through the school day feeling your best.

If you'd like to browse the teams already on the site or want to start your own, go to BabyFit's MommyTeams page to get started!

The Community Message Boards will continue to be active and vibrant, and the place to go for advice from our Resident Experts.

We hope you enjoy using MommyTeams as a new way to "team up" with other BabyFit members and find others like you. If you have any problems or questions about using MommyTeams, please post in the Technical Support forum.
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