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Motivational Quote - Love your body and the weight will take care of itself.

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Your mindset can often make or break your progress. Self-loathing isn't going to get you anywhere, and will cause you to throw in the towel early and cheat yourself out of living your best life. Think positivelyto get moving in the right direction!

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-CEREAL_KILLER- 1/16/2018 10:14:38 AM
This is definitely true for me - I notice that when I eat healthy and exercise for positive reasons I am much more consistent with it than if I do it with a negative mindset. Loving my body is a better motivator than hating it.
JACKSGIRL85 1/10/2017 12:12:15 PM
living this, experiencing it for myself!!! never thought I'd be here!!!!#sograteful
WBERRY57 7/9/2016 7:59:49 PM
I love this quote!
MAYIE53 4/22/2016 9:28:25 AM
So true.
STEELER71 10/15/2015 4:58:53 AM

Since I've been following this quote, the weight is coming off easier than I thought it would.
SCULLEYJERRI 7/19/2015 3:47:27 PM
Celebrating every day that I love my body and myself enough to eat healthy and exercise. Trying to not focus on weight loss because I believe, as this post says, that it will take care of itself. Thanks for the positive motivation!
PATTYGIVENS 4/25/2015 10:45:57 AM
PATTYGIVENS 12/28/2014 12:36:03 PM
Love that
JITZUROE 11/9/2014 10:12:37 AM
So awesome!
KATHL04N 10/15/2014 9:35:15 AM
This is a hard one for me right now. But I'm working on it & I'll get there!
MAYBER 10/4/2014 10:02:21 AM
Positive thinking gets me what I want
One day at a time
JUNEBUGNRN 10/4/2014 6:53:24 AM
I need to learn to love my body, it's been good to me!
STEELER71 7/22/2014 2:32:22 PM

It's true but a very hard thing to do.
K_SABLE 7/14/2014 11:54:45 AM
It has taken a while, but I am truly practicing love towards myself and with that, my habits are changing and I'm finally losing some weight!
AL-SAKINAH 5/2/2014 9:36:21 AM
Since I started working out and using Spark People, I have noticed that my self-esteem has increased. I am starting to love exercising only because it makes me feel good. I started eating properly since I kept track and I always feel like I have energy. LIfe is great!
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