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Motivational Quote - I <3 real food

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Forget chemicals and "diet" food! Eat fresh produce, whole grains, and natural ingredients to get the most nutrition and health benefits from your meals. Check out the hundreds of healthy meals on SparkRecipes for some great real food recipe ideas!

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CD17907081 7/19/2017 6:50:35 AM
Best thing I've done is stop buying a ton of processed food.
NBEAMAN7 2/24/2017 2:50:28 PM
love these motivational quotes, they always come with helpful tips
VIKTORIALYN 6/9/2015 2:46:11 PM
I started eating mainly whole foods 42 days ago and I feel so much better! I am rarely hungry, I am not craving anything, I have lost 13 lbs so far. I've learned to be creative w/ meals. I am sleeping better and just overall feeling better. :)
PATTYGIVENS 5/20/2015 1:42:51 PM
I agree
CHARLENESTEVENS 3/18/2015 9:11:42 PM
I love fresh and real foods too, especially knowing that the body can process these foods much more so than "fake" foods, making weight loss a little easier. :-)
CHERRYZMB60 1/13/2015 11:27:19 PM
I like fresh over frozen and foods with preservatives
CD1285917 6/16/2014 9:14:46 AM
the closer you eat toward nature the healthier you will be
SUEARNOLD1 5/5/2014 8:07:39 AM
Great idea. You should make that picture into a poster.
SISTERPAT 1/29/2014 8:39:33 PM
I prefer cooking my own food, so I am trying different seasonings and recipes with my own special touches. Usually comes out yummy too.
BOBBYJUNE 12/7/2013 8:28:47 PM
fresh fruit is natures candy. baked they make a good dessert.
BROWNIEISLANDER 11/3/2013 4:08:33 PM
I love and make sure i have my Fruits and Veggies...along with lots of root produce too
From the farmers market every two weeks!
LINDAM.1 8/15/2013 1:03:24 AM
My fridge is full of vegies from farmers market. My husband thinks fridge is for meat freezer for Ice-cream.
MISSILENE 8/5/2013 3:34:31 PM
Great idea.
WENDIQ 8/5/2013 10:42:56 AM
I'm sure trying......
MAYBER 8/5/2013 9:37:44 AM
Very true
Lots of Farmers Markets available this time of year
One day at a time
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