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2 Moves for a Better Butt


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I NEED these. Never had much of a "booty", but now that I'm 60, my butt is Fah-LATT! ;)

(Measurement around my potbelly is five inches more than my hips, LOL!)
Good morning! thanks for sharing great article
Your life will be Perfect if you do these! Right?
Great Butt Exercises!!! I CAN do these!
Thanks for sharing!
thank you
Just Great!
REALLY felt that second one!
I love this one!
These are two wonderful exercises and you really feel it! Also while on your hands and knees you can do what they call "Fire Hydrant" (resembling a male dog urinating). Do a dozen of those on each side then sit on your heels to stretch it out. Feels great!
Great and beneficial moves, looks very effective. Fantastic videos too. Hey, check this out for more.
Good to know . . .
I hate lunges!!! But I did them!!!
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