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20-Minute Yogilates Routine


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That was great!
Too difficult for me
Very nice video.
I can do a few of the moves but she moves faster than any yoga I've seen plus most of her moves are too difficult for me. Need a limited or obese mobility yoga (senior style) at least to start! I wish I could move my body like she does.
This is a good workout but she doesn't always balance the right and left sides so I had to pause and do the other side before continuing on with some of her exercises.
I find that SP videos get stuck a lot on me...may be our network, but I don't experience this on any other site. It makes working out with these super frustrating, cos I keep having to wait for it to catch up. :(
Nice stretching workout
Excellent! Lots of good stretch without jerky moves. Perfect for a morning routine to improve flexibility. Beautiful studio and upbuilding encouragement from Kathy.
I loved this video In fact I saved it because a lady that plays golf with me try to do some of these exercises while we are playing . What a hoot. They are right here in this video. Thank you so much.
awesome workout for a newbie !!!!! thanks !!!!
is this good for planta fasciitis
Way too fast, but then, I don't have to leave in for work in 30 minutes. Is there any way to play on a slower speed? This video is 78 rpm's, I want a 33 1/3 rpm version :)
Sunday is my flexibility day - this is PERFECT! Will keep this one in the rotation.
this video wasn't twenty minutes long! good beginning though!
This was the perfect exercise for me to do while on my period. I have not been exercising for the last two days for fear it will bring on worse cramps. This is the third day so I thought I could take on a light exercise video. This was perfect in the way of my feeling like I am still doing a legitimate workout of some sort but did not make my cramps come. I am saving this one for sure
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