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12-Minute Seated Core Workout


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When I first started this, being old and in a wheelchair, it hurt, I couldn't raise my arms up long and couldn't put them by my ears. Today I did it!
I did this with you. Great workout for a 72 year old.
I really like all the seated workouts/exercises SP shows in these videos! So helpful!
Love this workout, especially good for core in a wheelchair, but beware how hard it can be on your neck if you've never used it. Be cautious on leaning back to the chair on the straight backed one.
Today another Sr cat didn't like this workout and she was determined to stay on my lap after she saw me sit down for this workout. Chrysta is still there too.
Had to do Day 3 and 4 today. No time yesterday since my daughter was in town for a short visit. Love these workouts.
Thanks for sharing workout
This is a wonderful workout! Thank you!
Thank you would appreciate another on like it
This is one of the first Sparkpeople videos I used and I still use it.
Awesome ! Good Waker upper !!
Wow! Great way to use up 39 calories!
My problem with doing this work out today was that Dolly (Sr cat) wanted to sit on my lap when she saw me sitting down. She did not appreciate being displaced and got back up several times, She is back on my lap now.
Great exercise, thank you!!
Thank you!
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