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12-Minute Seated Core Workout


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One of my favorites!
This did not feel like much of a workout to me but the timing was perfect. I was dealing with lower back pain this morning. This routine did a good job of loosening up my back without adding any strain.
I did not realize how much you can do from a chair. Perfect timing for me as I am nursing a sore foot.
i just did this one frist time it was awesome not to fast just at my pace
Really awesome exercise!
Haha, I was in the middle of the stretch toward the back of the chair and kept wondering when she was going to say "come back around" when I realized the video had ended short! Better work-out than you might think!
I cannot watch any videos any more. Is there a printable version for this one?
I can't even watch this video, it keeps stopping on me, a bit frustrating to say the least.. Guess I will have to try it again later.
This workout looked easy, but I felt it.
Great workout
I loved this work out I don't like ones I have to lay on the floor.
FYI - the stretching at the end is cut short

I'm saving this for when I start work again!
I did this as soon as I got up this mroning and found it to be an awesome stretch 'n crack as well as a core workout. Feels good!
I love these seated workouts I can do in the office. Thanks so much Coach Nicole!
Why can't you save these videos to your Favorites anymore?
I'm really impressed and surprised at how good this workout was - 12 minutes, sitting down and yet I really feel I worked my core muscles. Thank you, Coach Nicole! This is all a revelation to me!
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