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12-Minute Seated Core Workout


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I love this workout thing in a chair I can't do much right now and it helps it's my 3rd time I first found u on You Tube and didn't know u were from Sp. Thanks for sharing it's Great that there is a program out there like this thanks
Today was the 1st time I did this exercise and it was great. It was also the 1st time in a while that I exercised - I am committed to exercise daily.....
Love it!
This has become my favorite to watch & do in front of the computer.
I do it twice a day "cause it is so easy & feels so good.
Really liked that I could do this from my wheelchair. I definitely thought this was a great workout! Thanks Coach Nicole!
Love this video......still working on breathig but feel it working
That was a great workout, I enjoyed it was short but effective
I like this video. I just realized most of these moves I do at home with my AB Doer.
I really liked this video and I also agree with the post above; how many calories were actually burned?
love this video! i can work out my core without laying on the floor! and my babies wont be sittine on me either! having kids really makes working out hard! especially when laying on the floor! my hips will make me not able to get up! and on top of that i can do this anywhere! when watching tv or studying!

day 1 down! hehehehehehehe!
I really enjoyed this workout but would like to know how calories was burned in 12 min.
first day working with the videos ...... love it ..... have to work on my breathing tho
I loved the workout a lot because am really trying to loose my belly fat. Thanks for the video.
Thank you! I just found this section on SP & this workout was helpful!

I had to laugh... I used to have a rod along my spine, and though it's removed, the spine is still fused ... so I know exactly how to sit straight - always!
Just about a week doing the Jump start Challenge and I'm as tired of hearing the commercial before all the videos as I was twith he campaign adds on TV!! Don’t they have any others? Love the exericses though so I won't complain to loud.
And I thought I didn't have time to workout today! Plus I have a sore leg muscle,so I thought I'd see if SP had something easier I could do today. And yay! I did these watching the presidential results-thank you SparkPeople!!! You guys are the best! Love ya Coach Nicle!
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