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12-Minute Seated Core Workout


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This video motivated me...i have completed exercise in my office today while sitting on chair.
my job is research work & I am on the chair most of time .Before joining spark people ,i enjoyed lunch in my cabin too but after watching this video ,i started practicing & i will definitely continue these simple tips during my lunch brake.
Sad to say but this is the first time I actually did the exercise instead of watching only. I WILL continue as Nicole somehow inspired me to get a move on.
Thank you!

Nicole this was an excellent interview and congratulations on your award

See youtube Interview with Nicole Nichols at Club Industry Show 2011
I was quite interested in this one but for some reason the video crashes flash player on my computer. I'll have to try it on another computer.
I am in the begining course and this really helps me out alot. It gets me loosened up for my other workouts. walking on treadmill,working with my total gym. Thanks alot.
I really like these seated work outs!! Thanks.
my first work out. yeah, it was great and this trainer is so postive
Awesome vid! Perfect for me with my out of shape body. With my arthritic spine, this will be a perfect 'starter' exercise for me until I can get some of this weight off.
This is a great video, but I just can't do the knee lifts. I have too much tummy in my way. I still attempt it, I just get a little more frustrated than usual ;)

Take care, and thanks for posting!
i really like this video
Great exercise! I love this video.
This video is very interesting!!! Easy an can to do indoor. Great!!!
I have been looking for core exercises that I could do with the arthritis in my neck. This looks like it!
Thank you so much for these seated excercises, i use a wheelchair due to limited mobilty and i have been looking for a workout like this for the core.
My lower back has been pretty stiff for the last couple of days, but this video was great!
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