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12-Minute Seated Core Workout


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Totally awesome workout for those of us who are stuck in an office setting. Thank you so much for an alternative "break" in daily routine at the office.
I had no idea that you could work the core abs from a chair. I was about half-way and was going to quit but I took a breath and as she continued to speak I kept going to the end. I finished and I am so happy. Thanks!
good work out i have ms and cant do alot of standing ones thank you
I looked back for my first comments on this video and the comments only go back a couple of months :( so my comments were not there.

However I continue to make progress and am very grateful for this video. It is outstanding. Thanks Nicole
this workout is getting easyier and easier thank coach nicole
Great workout!! I love that you can do it in very little space and no equipment except a chair! PLUS less than 20 min! A great workout for moms on the go :D
a great quick way to workout your abs !!
Worth the time- will have to check with my physical therapist about a few of them as I have had hip replaced.. but it was nice to find something I could do! It's a start.
love this exercise. work at desk this is great. i can feel the muscles working. and also do it more than once a day
Gr8 exercise to do during office lunch break.
Wonderful, this routine works every abs zone.
Very good workout. Well worth the 12 minutes.
I just started tracking my food 14 days ago, now im ready to start exercising. This video looks like a great place to start. Thank you
Feeling a bit of stress at work and then it occurred to me - do a video. Perfect length and good work out. I feel wonderful!
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