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12-Minute Seated Core Workout


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Felt that workout and didn't even do 1/2 the moves - this will be on my list of exercises to make myself stronger. Thank you!
very useful exercises.
I could do without the political ad.
You wouldn't think you could work so hard in a chair, but you do. Thank you!
Thank you.
I love this workout! I had polio as a child and have a weak core and very weak legs. I've been looking for exercises I can do that provide a good core workout but aren't extreme. This is a good workout to begin with but you also show how to make the exercises progressively more difficult. Thank you -
I am a 3rd generation marionette artist. I am always looking for exercises for my marionettes to show to active seniors, in wheel chairs. Nicole, this is GREAT! A fun, clear workout that I added to my Pilates other videos! Wonderful job! Thanks!

PS... I love the new video format, FABULOUS!!!!!!
This was a great video.
I love the new look to the exercise videos. The larger viewing area and lighting are excellent. Kudos to Coach Nicole!
These exercises may look easy but you really feel it in your abs!
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