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12-Minute Seated Core Workout


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I might just be me, but I can't get the Ads to "load" and therefore never see the work out. Story of my life.
This was great! I could feel it and will continue to do more on a regular basis.
I've been doing these for maybe 6 weeks and I've gotten MUCH stronger and I've lost at least 2 inches around my middle.
Thanks Coach Nicole, for providing an easier way for me to meet my goals.
I appreciate your seated w/o' videos.
Being as how I how I have NO regular chairs in my home, (it's very small and yes, that's kind of weird) I did this workout on my exercise ball, my "chair". Keeping myself aligned and balanced really kicked that core up!
That was a nice workout. It's ideal for my desk job.....I'll be doing this more! Thank you!
I have been looking for seated exercises on YouTube and found a few but nothing like this series! Happened on it this morning, and it is exactly what I want. The instructor for this video is perfect. Voice is nice and easy to listen to. Exercises made me work! Very good find!! Thank you so much!!
Boy howdy, hard core is right! It's way harder than it looks.
I really enjoyed doing this video. I was able to do it from my desk at work!
I think I found a new favorite core workout!
My 9year old partner did this with me today! woohoo!
I'm getting stronger! I wasn't able to lift both feet before, now I'm able to. Yea me!
Great workout!! Good one to get warmed up. Now off to some cardio!!
Yea! I'm seeing improvement in how well I'm able to do this video!
I appreciate the fact the Coach Nicole doesn' t use small talk during this. I find it very irritating to do the same video workout over and over if the instructor is making jokes and small talk...that just isn't funny or interesting after hearing it 2 times already.
Coach Nicole's style is very smart- sticks with describing correct form. Love it!
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