7-Minute Hip-Opener Routine

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Stretch, strengthen and open your hips with this feel-good routine!

Member Comments

Great stretches! Report
Thanks Report
Thanks Report
Great video! Need to work on this area of my body. I started heavy breathing and sweating just watching!!! Thanks! Report
Thanks Report
not for me Report
Straight into Lizard?!? Hmmm,.......... Report
Good morning! thanks for sharing great workout! Report
Now I know how bad I am at not having flexibility. Report
These are great stretches! Report
This is apparently for people who have hips that already can open to be stretch. Guess need to search some more for something more suitable to my abilities. Report
I agree with DOLPHIN225. I would only attempt 2 of these stretches. Report
Great stretches! I love the lizard pose! Report
Great stretches... I should get better with time! Report

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