11-Minute Chair Cardio Workout

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Are you injured or living with limited mobility issues? You can still exercise! Check out Coach Nicole's seated workout for a simple, modified way to get fit.

Member Comments

Keep iy working Report
This is very helpful post-lumbar fusion! Thank you. I go pretty slow but it sure has helped with my stamina. Report
I love this video and Thank You. I would like to add it to my favorites. Report
good workout Report
Great exercises and quite tough for me. I even didn't expected that. It shows how far I have moved from exercises and a proper healthy lifestyle. The coach is great Report
Great workout for me Report
Very good exercise for us that have disablities. Report
Nice way to start my day. This wakes up my body and gets it ready for the day. Report
These are great exercises to start off with to get my life together. I am grateful to have found this I love the food recipes but I'm going to enjoy the exercises to get my body back to normal. This is magnificent. Report
This one is always an oldie but always a goodie as a side workout when at work....YES!!! Report
Great workout. Now I’d like to be able to do it while speaking! Report
yes!! Report
Great workout Report
Still good Report